Grab Tagline


Taglines are mostly used together with electro-hydraulic or two-rope mechanical grabs, of different design. And their function is to prevent these attachments from turning on their own axis, which could lead to rope and/or cable entanglement, therefore also increase the risk of other potential accidents. All taglines are tested on our tagline pullout bench during and after production and are finally CE approved before dispatch. We also keep some tagline types in stock at our workshop.


Please enter boom lenght (L), depth (e) and grab capacity on the form below and press "Submit". The boom center to tagline is calculated as 1/3 of boom lenght (L/3). Accordingly, the suitable Tagline Model will be calculated.

To request an quotation or place an order, send us an e-mail or use the RFQ Form at the Cromex Grab website. Thank you.

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Calculating Tagline Model

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